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I know what you’re thinking –   Do I need to do anything for this? and What is open enrollment?   

Open enrollment is a provision in SPSD’s cafeteria plan that allows a short window of time for employees to make changes to their medical insurance, dental insurance, and enroll, re-enroll or stop participation in a flexible spending account (FSA) without a qualifying event such as birth, divorce, marriage or job change.  This is your chance to make changes to several of your benefits, no life changes necessary

Does this mean you’re expected to do something?  Please take a look at the flow chart entitled “Do I Need to Do Anything for This.” It will ask you a few questions and help you understand if you have some work to do, or can go about your business as normal. *Please also note this is the time for applicable employees to make their pay election for the 2021-2022 school year

If you find there is some work for you during open enrollment, you have three options to complete your desired tasks:

  •     Independently. Use the resources provided on this site to access and fill out the correct documents. Submit the forms to Mary Dinsmore at Central Office via e-mail,, interoffice mail, or by placing them in the locked box bolted to the brickwork outside Memorial Middle School / Central Office.
  •       With Live or Virtual Help. Attend a meeting at a school or through Google Meet.
  •       Hybrid. Fill out the form(s) using the guides on the website. Have completed forms reviewed by the benefits specialist and return them in person at a school meeting. 

     PLEASE pay close attention to the deadlines and instructions for filling forms out completely and properly.  Forms that are submitted late or incomplete will not be accepted.  PLEASE DO NOT wait until the last minute if you need to make changes.  If you submit a medical form with no PCP listed or an unsigned dental form after the deadline, your changes, drop in or enrollment in coverage(s) will not happen.

RETIREMENT (Read even if you aren't planning to do so soon)

As an SPSD employee, you are potentially eligible to take your MEA Anthem Health Insurance coverage with you into retirement.  Some employees are also eligible for a discount on premiums.  To qualify, you must meet certain criteria, including membership in the plan for a certain number of years.  For more details, see page 11 of the Anthem Retirement booklet. If you would like MEA Anthem Health insurance during your 'golden years' or in the event you collect disability retirement from Maine State Retirement, you should consider enrollment on the health insurance during open enrollment. If you have questions about this retirement/disability benefit, please sign-up for a virtual group session.

If you are retiring this year, congratulations! If you would like to enroll in the retiree group to continue your health insurance, please print, fill out, and return the transfer to retire form to Mary Dinsmore before the end of August.  You will also be sent information about COBRA via certified mail this summer.  If you have enrolled in the retiree group DO NOT enroll in COBRA - please dispose of the information.