Memorial Middle School helps all students become well-rounded, engaged and
productive citizens through rigorous and relevant learning experiences and strong relationships.

Welcome to Memorial Middle School, home of the Wildcats! We are a school of more than 400 students in grades 6-8, serving residents of the city of South Portland. In addition to the core classes of Math, ELA, Social Studies and Science, students also have two 40-minute sections of Related Arts offerings including Band, Chorus, General Music, Physical Education, Health, French, Spanish, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math), and Art. We provide instructional support services as well as an alternative education program JMG (Jobs for Maine Graduates), to more than 20% of our students. Outside of class, students can participate in numerous athletic programs and clubs. We are proud to boast of our involved, caring, respectful and kind students and teachers. 


Genuine relationships between the student and the teacher are based not only on knowing something about the child’s interests, but it also knowing the child’s learning styles and preferences. 

Memorial Middle School faculty and staff are committed to establishing and cultivating rapport and relationships with our students that will allow them to feel confident in the risks they take in learning. The faculty and staff recognize that in order to grow and develop into the strong, creative adults they are meant to be, students need to feel both challenged and supported by the adults around them. We strive to be those adults who know our students and are able both to support and challenge them.


Learning in which students demonstrate a thorough in-depth mastery of challenging tasks to develop cognitive skills through reflective thought, analysis, problem solving, evaluation or creativity. It is the quality of thinking, not the quantity.

Our teachers use a proficiency-based grading system to report on students' progress toward content mastery and Habits of Work for more than a year. This shift allows parents and students to distinguish how their work habits differ from their grasp of the content standards.


Learning in which students apply core knowledge, concepts, or skills to solve real-world problems. Relevant learning is interdisciplinary and contextual and is meaningful to the student. A relevant curriculum is one in which students can see the connections between themselves, the curriculum, and the content.

Memorial Middle School faculty and staff are committed to ensuring that students are able to relate to the material and the essential learning targets. To that end, teachers have worked with one another to create relevant, interesting and challenging cross-curricular connections.