Elementary School Welcome Back Video

We are so excited to welcome our elementary school students and staff back into our elementary school buildings. Everyone at South Portland Schools has been working hard this summer to prepare the buildings and develop procedures to ensure a safe return.

We invite our elementary school parents and students will take a few minutes to view our Welcome Back Video.

We look forward to seeing you next week!

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Translated Parent Forums

The South Portland School Department recently hosted four parent forums for Arabic, French, Portuguese, and Spanish speaking families to discuss the Schools Pandemic Response Plan.

The forums were facilitated by English Language Learner Coordinator Sheanna Zimmerman and Assistant Superintendent Jodi Mezzanotte, and translated by native speakers.

To view a recording of the forums please click the links below:





Families that need assistance with translation service please contact 207-871-0555

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2020 Cohort Grouping Information

Cohort Assignments were emailed to families on July 28th. Unfortunately a number of our outgoing emails were intercepted by SPAM blockers. Please continue reading for more information on how you can receive your child's cohort assignment.

All students have been assigned to cohorts in the event we return to school under the "Yellow" plan - a hybrid of in-person and distance learning.

Every effort has been made to assign siblings to the same cohort; however, there may be some discrepancies based on instructional/programmatic needs. If you have a question or concern regarding your child's/children's cohort placement, please contact the school's principal via email below as most of our buildings remain closed.

Classroom assignments to specific teachers will be shared with families in mid August.

To receive your child's cohort placement please call 207-871-0555 or email your child's principal.

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Teenagers lead the way in Black Lives Matter movement

"Protesting is a beautiful thing. But I want to see support from all those people who were out there. When we get back during the school year, I want to see them at civil rights team meetings. I want to see them at school board meetings, giving their opinions about policies that are inequitable. We can't just protest and be angry and do nothing with that." - Fiona Akilo Stawarz, Student Representative to South Portland Board of Education

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