Beginning of Year Paperwork


The deadline for completing these forms is Friday, September 18th. 

Here are the forms we need completed:

  • Confidential Health Update: Confidential information used to meet the needs of your child while in school.

  • Permission to Publish: Grant or deny permission to publish photographs, etc. of your child. 

  • iPad Protection Plan: Optional insurance that covers accidental damage to the iPad for middle and high school students. If you have other children at the high school, you only need to fill out this form once (there is space to fill in multiple names). Full replacement of the iPad without insurance is $599. If you need financial assistance with the iPad Protection Plan, please contact Rebecca directly at

  • One student: $15/year

  • Two students: $30/year

  • Three or more students: $40/year

You can pay on the Memorial Website using the button below or send in cash or a check made payable to Memorial Middle School.

  • Household Information Sheet: Your child will bring home a paper copy of the information we have in our student database, Infinite Campus. If there is any incorrect information, please email the correct information to Lisa Ranger at

  • Free/reduced meals application: If you are eligible, or may be eligible, for reduced priced meals, please complete this important form so that we can continue to provide meals.

 Here are the forms that you can keep at home and do not need to be returned:

Please complete this form to purchase IPad Protection Plans, and then use the following button to purchase the number of plans that you need.