Bus Information


Per school board policy, busing is provided for students of kindergarten through grade 5 who live more than 1 mile, and students of grades 6-12 if they live more than 1.5 miles, from their respective schools. 

To find transportation information for students:

  • Click on the Bus Routes button below. You will be taken to the district's bus routes map.
  • Type in your home address and zip code in the upper left hand column.
  • Select your student’s school or grade level.
  • Click on “Search”

Bus route information will appear in left column and on the map.
Parents are also encouraged to sign up for busing notifications and messages from the Transportation Department.  Click on “Register” in the upper left hand corner and fill in the requested information.  This will only work for email notifications.
If you are the parent of a special education student, his/her bus information will not appear on this link.  Busing information for special education students will be provided by a staff member from transportation. Please call your child’s school or the Transportation Department (207-767-7714) with any additional questions.


Click Here for Bus Routes