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Street Directory

Press CTRL+F or Command+F and enter your street name to search for which school your child would attend. For an interactive transportation map click here.

Street Name School Street # K-5 School Middle School
A Street Brown Mahoney
Acorn Lane Dyer Memorial
Acton Street Kaler Memorial
Adams Court Small Mahoney
Adams Street Small Mahoney
Adelbert Street Brown Mahoney
Albany Street Skillin Memorial
Albany Street Extension Skillin Memorial
Alder Street Small Mahoney
Alfred Street Dyer Memorial
Allen Road Dyer Memorial
Almond Court Brown Mahoney
Alpine Street Brown Mahoney
Alton Street Kaler Memorial
Anchor Road Brown Mahoney
Anchorage Place Brown Mahoney
Angell Avenue Small Mahoney
Anthoine Street Brown Mahoney
Appletree Drive Dyer Memorial
Applewood Circle Brown Mahoney
Arbutus Avenue Brown Mahoney
Ardsley Avenue Skillin Memorial
Arlington Road Small Mahoney
Armory Street Kaler Mahoney
Arrowwood Court Brown Mahoney
Ashbourne Court Dyer Memorial
Ashley Road Skillin Memorial
Aspen Avenue Skillin Memorial
Atlantic Avenue Kaler Mahoney
Augusta Street Skillin Memorial
B Street Brown Mahoney
Bagley Avenue Kaler Mahoney
Baird Circle Skillin Memorial
Ballard Street Kaler Mahoney
Balsam Road Skillin Memorial
Baltimore Avenue Brown Mahoney
Baltimore West Avenue Brown Mahoney
Bangor Street Skillin Memorial
Barberry Creek Road Kaler Mahoney
Barnstable Road Dyer Memorial
Barstow Street Small Mahoney
Bay Road Small Mahoney
Bayberry Way Brown Mahoney
Bayview Avenue Small Mahoney
Beach Street Small Mahoney
Beaufort Street Brown Mahoney
Bellaire Road Brown Mahoney
Bellevue Avenue Small Mahoney
Benjamin W. Pickett Street Small Mahoney
Bennett Street Kaler Mahoney
Berwick Street Skillin Memorial
Beverly Street Small Mahoney
Birch Road Small Mahoney
Bishop Avenue Kaler Memorial
Blueberry Drive Dyer Memorial
Bluff Road Small Mahoney
Bodge Street Kaler Memorial
Bonnybank Terrace Dyer Memorial
Bonnybriar Road Dyer Memorial
Boothby Avenue Brown Mahoney
Boston Street Skillin Memorial
Bowdoin Avenue Kaler Memorial
Bowers Street Small Mahoney
Boyd Road Small Mahoney
Boysenberry Drive Dyer Memorial
Braeburn Avenue Skillin Memorial
Breakwater Drive Small Mahoney
Bremen Street Kaler Memorial
Brenton Street Brown Mahoney
Briarwood Road Skillin Memorial
Brick Hill Road Brown Memorial
Brigham Street Skillin Memorial
Brindle Circle Dyer Memorial
Broadway 1-340 Small Mahoney
Broadway 341-688 Brown Mahoney
Broadway 689-1121 Kaler Mahoney
Broadway 1122-1422 Kaler Memorial
Broadway 1423-end Skillin Memorial
Brookside Avenue Small Mahoney
Bryant Street Dyer Memorial
Buchanan Street Dyer Memorial
Bulkley Road Skillin Memorial
Burnham Street Kaler Mahoney
Burwell Avenue Skillin Memorial
Buttonwood Street Kaler Mahoney
C Street Brown Mahoney
Calais Street Kaler Memorial
Candlebrook Lane Dyer Memorial
Cannon Road Skillin Memorial
Carignan Avenue Kaler Memorial
Carlisle Road Dyer Memorial
Carroll Street Brown Mahoney
Carter Street Kaler Mahoney
Carver Boulevard Kaler Memorial
Cash Street Kaler Memorial
Castle Street Small Mahoney
Cedar Street Small Mahoney
Central Avenue Kaler Memorial
Chambers Avenue Kaler Memorial
Channel Road Small Mahoney
Chapel Street Kaler Mahoney
Chapman Street Kaler Memorial
Charlotte Street Small Mahoney
Chase Street Small Mahoney
Checkerberry Circle Dyer Memorial
Chestnut Street Kaler Mahoney
Church Street Kaler Memorial
Churchill Road Brown Mahoney
Clark Road Kaler Memorial
Clemons Street Brown Mahoney
Cleveland Circle Dyer Memorial
Cliff Avenue Small Mahoney
Clifford Street Brown Mahoney
Clinton Street Small Mahoney
Cloyster Road Small Mahoney
Coach Road Skillin Memorial
Cobb Street Small Mahoney
Colchester Drive Dyer Memorial
Cole Street Kaler Mahoney
Colin Kelly Road Skillin Memorial
Colonial Avenue Brown Mahoney
Colony Lane Skillin Memorial
Columbus Avenue Brown Mahoney
Concord Street Skillin Memorial
Coolidge Avenue Small Mahoney
Cooper Street Brown Mahoney
Cormier Road Brown Mahoney
Cormorant Drive Skillin Memorial
Cormorant Place Brown Memorial
Cornell Street Kaler Memorial
Cottage Road 1-300 Brown Mahoney
Cottage Road 301-End Small Mahoney
Country Club Road Skillin Memorial
Cove Lane Small Mahoney
Cox Street Kaler Memorial
Craggmere Avenue Small Mahoney
Cranberry Circle Dyer Memorial
Crescent Avenue Small Mahoney
Crestview Drive Dyer Memorial
Cross Street Skillin Memorial
Crossmeadow Road Dyer Memorial
Cumberland Road Dyer Memorial
Cummings Road Skillin Memorial
Curtis Street Kaler Memorial
Cushing Court Small Mahoney
D Street Brown Mahoney
Danforth Road Small Mahoney
Daniel P. Tuell Street Skillin Memorial
Darling Avenue Skillin Memorial
Dartmouth Street Kaler Memorial
Davis Street Small Mahoney
Davis Street Small Mahoney
Dawson Street Skillin Memorial
Day Street Small Mahoney
Daytona Street Kaler Memorial
Deake Street Small Mahoney
Delaware Avenue Skillin Memorial
Derby Road Brown Mahoney
Devereaux Circle Skillin Memorial
Dimar Drive Dyer Memorial
Dracut Street Kaler Memorial
Dresser Road Dyer Memorial
Drew Road Small Mahoney
Dunphe Drive Dyer Memorial
Dunscombe Street Kaler Mahoney
Dyer Street Small Mahoney
Dyke Farm Road Skillin Memorial
Dyke Farm Road Extension Skillin Memorial
E Street Brown Mahoney
Edgewood Road Small Mahoney
Edmund S. Muskie Street Small Mahoney
Edwards Street Small Mahoney
Edwin Street Dyer Memorial
Elderberry Drive Dyer Memorial
Eliot Street Skillin Memorial
Elizabeth Taylor Lane Dyer Memorial
Elm Street Kaler Mahoney
Elmwood Avenue Brown Mahoney
Elsmere Avenue Small Mahoney
Elsmere Circle Small Mahoney
Emery Street Brown Mahoney
Evans Street Dyer Memorial
Evans Street Extension Dyer Memorial
Everett Avenue Small Mahoney
Evergreen Road Skilllin Memorial
Exton Avenue Skillin Memorial
F Street Brown Mahoney
Fairlawn Avenue Small Mahoney
Fellows Street Skillin Memorial
Fern Lane Small Mahoney
Fessenden Avenue Brown Mahoney
Fickett Street Dyer Memorial
Fillmore Avenue Skillin Memorial
Fisherman Lane Small Mahoney
Florence Street Small Mahoney
Foden Road Skillin Memorial
Fore River Drive Skillin Memorial
Forest Avenue Kaler Mahoney
Fort Road Small Mahoney
Franklin Terrace Small Mahoney
Frederick Road Small Mahoney
Free Street Small Mahoney
Front Street Small Mahoney
Froswick Avenue Skillin Memorial
Gannet Drive Skillin Memorial
Garden Lane Small Mahoney
Garfield Circle Dyer Memorial
Gary L. Maietta Parkway Dyer Memorial
Gately Street Kaler Memorial
George Street Dyer Memorial
Gerry Avenue Kaler Memorial
Glen Way Skillin Memorial
Glendale Road Brown Mahoney
Gooseberry Circle Dyer Memorial
Gorham Road Skillin Memorial
Goudy Street Small Mahoney
Gould Road Small Mahoney
Graffam Road Small Mahoney
Granby Road Skillin Memorial
Grand Street Small Mahoney
Grandview Avenue Kaler Memorial
Greeley Street Brown Mahoney
Greenbriar Way Brown Mahoney
Grove Avenue Brown Mahoney
Hall Street Skillin Memorial
Hamilton Street Brown Mahoney
Harbor Place Brown Mahoney
Harborview Avenue Brown Mahoney
Harding Street Kaler Memorial
Harford Court Small Mahoney
Harriet Street Small Mahoney
Haskell Avenue Kaler Memorial
Haven Road Brown Mahoney
Hawthorne Lane Dyer Memorial
Hayes Avenue Kaler Memorial
Heather Road Brown Mahoney
Hemco Avenue Kaler Memorial
Henley Street Small Mahoney
Henry Street Small Mahoney
Herford Avenue Skillin Memorial
Heron Cove Drive Brown Memorial
Higgins Lane Brown Mahoney
High Street Small Mahoney
Highland Avenue 0-663 all Brown Mahoney
Highland Avenue 664-end Dyer Memorial
Hill Street Kaler Mahoney
Hillcrest Avenue Dyer Memorial
Hillside Avenue Brown Mahoney
Hinckley Drive Brown Mahoney
Hobart Street Skillin Memorial
Holden Street Kaler Memorial
Homestead Avenue Small Mahoney
Hoyt Street Kaler Mahoney
Hudson Road Brown Mahoney
Hunnewell Drive Kaler Memorial
Huntress Avenue Kaler Memorial
Hutchinson Street Kaler Memorial
Industry Road Skillin Memorial
Jackson Street Kaler Memorial
Jamestown Court Skillin Memorial
Jefferson Street Small Mahoney
Jennies Court Dyer Memorial
Jessica Lane Dyer Memorial
John W. Roberts Road Skillin Memorial
Jordan Avenue Brown Mahoney
Julia Street Brown Mahoney
Juniper Circle Dyer Memorial
Kahill Court Dyer Memorial
Kaler Road Brown Mahoney
Karynel Drive Brown Mahoney
Katana Drive Kaler Memorial
Kelley Street Kaler Mahoney
Kenneth Road Skillin Memorial
Kent Road Brown Mahoney
Keswick Road Skilllin Memorial
Kincaid Street Small Mahoney
Kingston Street Kaler Memorial
Kirkland Avenue Skillin Memorial
Kittredge Road Small Mahoney
Lahave Street Small Mahoney
Lake Street Kaler Memorial
Landry Circle Skillin Memorial
Larchwood Road Brown Mahoney
Latham Street Kaler Mahoney
Laurel Lane Skillin Memorial
Lawn Avenue Kaler Memorial
Lawrence Lano Street Brown Mahoney
Ledge Road Small Mahoney
Ledgefield Circle Dyer Memorial
Lee Avenue Kaler Mahoney
Leighton Street Small Mahoney
Lemont Avenue Kaler Mahoney
Liberty Commons Skillin Memorial
Liberty Lane Skillin Memorial
Lincoln Street Kaler Memorial
Lincoln Street Ext. Kaler Memorial
Linton Street Skillin Memorial
Linwood Street Small Mahoney
Lombard Street Kaler Mahoney
Long Creek Drive Skillin Memorial
Long Creek Terrace Skillin Memorial
Loveitt Street Small Mahoney
Loveitt's Field Road Small Mahoney
Lowell Street Small Mahoney
Lubec Street Kaler Memorial
Lucille Avenue Brown Mahoney
Lydia Lane Brown Memorial
MacArthur Circle Skillin Memorial
Madison Street Small Mahoney
Main Street 301-699 odd Skillin Memorial
Main Street 701-end Skillin Memorial
Main Street 300-700 even Kaler Memorial
Main Street 1-299 all Kaler Memorial
Maine Mall Road Skillin Memorial
Maple Street Small Mahoney
Maplewood Avenue Brown Mahoney
Marcelle Avenue Skillin Memorial
Mardale Avenue Skillin Memorial
Margaret Street Brown Mahoney
Market Street Brown Mahoney
Marriner Street Small Mahoney
Marsh Road Brown Mahoney
Massachusetts Avenue Skillin Memorial
Mast Lane Brown Mahoney
Mayberry Street Brown Mahoney
McKinley Street Dyer Memorial
McLean Street Kaler Memorial
Meadow Way Skillin Memorial
Mechanic Street Kaler Mahoney
Memory Lane Kaler Memorial
Mildred Street Kaler Mahoney
Minott Street Kaler Mahoney
Mitchell Road 35-end Small Mahoney
Mitchell Road 1-34Brown Mahoney
Monroe Street Small Mahoney
Morse Street Kaler Mahoney
Mosher Street Small Mahoney
Mountain View Road Dyer Memorial
Mt. Vernon Street Brown Mahoney
Mussey Street Small Mahoney
Myrtle Avenue Small Mahoney
Myrtle Lane Small Mahoney
Nelson Road Dyer Mahoney
New York Avenue Skillin Memorial
Norman Street Brown Mahoney
North Kelsey Street Kaler Mahoney
North Marriner Street Small Mahoney
North Richland Street Brown Mahoney
Northeast Lane Dyer Memorial
Noyes Street Skillin Memorial
Nutter Road Dyer Memorial
Oak Street Small Mahoney
Oakdale Avenue Brown Mahoney
Oakwood Drive Skillin Memorial
Ocean Street Brown Mahoney
Ocean View Avenue Small Mahoney
O'Hare Road Skillin Memorial
Old Farm Road Dyer Memorial
Olive Road Brown Mahoney
O'Neil Street Brown Mahoney
Orchard Street Small Mahoney
Orlando Street Kaler Memorial
Osborne Avenue Brown Mahoney
Paddock Place Skillin Memorial
Palmer Street Kaler Mahoney
Pamela Drive Dyer Memorial
Park Avenue Kaler Memorial
Parkside Terrace Brown Mahoney
Parrott Street Brown Mahoney
Pearl Street Kaler Mahoney
Peary Terrace Kaler Memorial
Pennsylvania Avenue Skillin Memorial
Pepperbush Circle Dyer Memorial
Philbrook Avenue Skillin Memorial
Phillips Road Small Mahoney
Pierce Street Small Mahoney
Pilgrim Road Brown Mahoney
Pillsbury Street Small Mahoney
Pine Haven Terrace Skillin Memorial
Pine Street Small Mahoney
Pitt Street Brown Mahoney
Pleasant Avenue Kaler Memorial
Plymouth Road Brown Mahoney
Pond Road Small Mahoney
Pope Avenue Skillin Memorial
Portland Street Small Mahoney
Powers Road Skillin Memorial
Preble Street Small Mahoney
President's Way Dyer Memorial
Pride Road Skillin Memorial
Providence Avenue Brown Mahoney
Q Street Brown Mahoney
Rainbow Avenue Kaler Memorial
Randall Street Small Mahoney
Red Oak Drive Brown Memorial
Reynolds Street Kaler Mahoney
Rhode Island Avenue Skillin Memorial
Richards Street Brown Mahoney
Ridgeland Avenue Kaler Memorial
Rigby Road Kaler Memorial
Roberts Mills Road Kaler Memorial
Roberts Street Dyer Memorial
Robinson Street Kaler Mahoney
Roger Road Brown Mahoney
Rollins Way Brown Memorial
Romano Road Dyer Memorial
Roosevelt Street Small Mahoney
Rosedale Avenue Kaler Memorial
Rosewood Avenue Brown Mahoney
Rossetti Avenue Skillin Memorial
Rothay Avenue Skillin Memorial
Rumery Street Kaler Memorial
Running Hill Road Skillin Memorial
Runway Road Skillin Memorial
Sable Oaks Drive Skillin Memorial
Sandy Hill Road Skillin Memorial
Sawyer Street 1-445 all Small Mahoney
Sawyer Street 445-589 odd Brown Mahoney
Sawyer Street 446-590 even Small Mahoney
Sawyer Street 591-end all Brown Mahoney
Sawyerbrook Circle Small Mahoney
Scamman Street Brown Mahoney
School Street Small Mahoney
Schooner Road Brown Mahoney
Scott Road Skillin Memorial
Second Street Small Mahoney
Settler Road Skillin Memorial
Settler Road Extension Skillin Memorial
Shelby Lane Brown Mahoney
Ship Channel Road Small Mahoney
Simmons Road Brown Mahoney
Simonton Street Small Mahoney
Sixth Street Brown Mahoney
Skillings Street Kaler Memorial
Skyline Road Small Mahoney
Smith Street Small Mahoney
Smokehouse Circle Dyer Memorial
Snowberry Drive Dyer Memorial
Sokokis Street Skillin Memorial
Somerset Street Small Mahoney
Soule Street Brown Mahoney
South Kelsey Street Kaler Mahoney
South Richland Street Brown Mahoney
Southeast Road Kaler Memorial
Southwell Avenue Skillin Memorial
Spear Avenue Brown Mahoney
Sprague Street Brown Mahoney
Spring Street Small Mahoney
Springwood Road Skillin Memorial
Spurwink Avenue Brown Mahoney
Stanford Street Small Mahoney
Stanley Street Brown Mahoney
Sterling Avenue Small Mahoney
Stillman Street Brown Mahoney
Stone Drive Small Mahoney
Strathmore Road Brown Mahoney
Strout Street Kaler Memorial
Summerglen Road Brown Mahoney
Summit Street Small Mahoney
Summit Terrace Small Mahoney
Sunset Avenue Kaler Memorial
Surfsite Dorm Small Mahoney
Surfsite Road Small Mahoney
Sylvan Road Brown Mahoney
Tamarack Drive Dyer Memorial
Tanner Street Kaler Mahoney
Taylor Street Small Mahoney
Tewksbury Lane Kaler Memorial
Thadeus Street Kaler Memorial
Third Street Small Mahoney
Thirlmere Avenue Skillin Memorial
Thomas Street Brown Mahoney
Thompson Street Small Mahoney
Thornton Avenue Kaler Memorial
T-Ledge Brown Mahoney
Todd Lane Small Mahoney
Townhouse Drive Brown Memorial
Tremont Street Kaler Memorial
Union Street Kaler Memorial
Valley Street Kaler Mahoney
Vermont Avenue Skillin Memorial
Victory Avenue Small Mahoney
Villa Road Skillin Memorial
Vincent Street Small Mahoney
Virginia Avenue Small Mahoney
Vista Drive Dyer Memorial
Vivian Street Brown Mahoney
Vocational Drive Small Mahoney
Wainwright Circle Skillin Memorial
Walker Street Brown Mahoney
Wallace Avenue Skillin Memorial
Walnut Street Brown Mahoney
Washington Avenue Dyer Memorial
Waterman Drive Brown Mahoney
Webster Street Small Mahoney
Wermuth Road Skillin Memorial
Wescott Road Skillin Memorial
Westbrook Street Skillin Memorial
Western Avenue Skillin Memorial
Whispering Pines Drive Dyer Memorial
Whitehall Avenue Kaler Memorial
Whitney Avenue Kaler Memorial
Whitworth Drive Brown Mahoney
Wild Rose Avenue Brown Mahoney
Willard Haven Park Small Mahoney
Willard Haven Road Small Mahoney
Willard Street Small Mahoney
Williston Road Dyer Mahoney
Willow Street Small Mahoney
Wilson Street Kaler Memorial
Winding Way Dyer Memorial
Winterberry Street Dyer Memorial
Wisteria Way Brown Mahoney
Woodbury Street Small Mahoney
Woodland Road Small Mahoney
Woodmoor Road Brown Mahoney
Wylie Street Brown Mahoney
Wythburn Road Skillin Memorial