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Signing Up for School Messenger

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South Portland Schools uses School Messenger for most communication. Within School Messenger InfoCenter guardians can better control how they receive communications from the school or district. The following is a guide to help you get started. Please know that the email addresses and text numbers we use come from our student information system, so please contact your child's school to update this information as it changes, or update it yourself within the Infinite Campus app. Click here to learn how to do that.

What is InfoCenter?

InfoCenter provides access to all the messages and information sent by your organization. Accessible from any internet-enabled device, InfoCenter visually displays and organizes alerts, notifications, and attachments for easy review and reference. InfoCenter also allows you to customize how you receive communications from your school or district.

How do I sign up for InfoCenter?

Signing up for InfoCenter is easy. Using the email address that you have on file for your district, guardians can follow these three steps:

  1. Download the InfoCenter by SchoolMessenger app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Market. You can also access the InfoCenter web portal at
  2. Click the “New User” button, enter your email address, and create a password. An email will be sent to that address with a secure token. Note: If you receive an “already claimed by another user account” error message that means you’ve already created a SchoolMessenger account via another SchoolMessenger product, such as Contact Manager. Simply follow the “Return to login” link and login. Use the “Forgot your password” link if needed.
  3. After authenticating via the token sent to your email, return to InfoCenter and sign in using your email and password.
  4. If your email address is not recognized, please contact your child's school office to be sure they have your desired email on record.

What’s in InfoCenter?

Once you’ve created your account, your child's school will be associated with your email address automatically. You can then:

  • Review the last 30 days worth of messages.
  • View your contact information
  • Configure how you’d like to receive notifications.
icon that indicates a text message

The most common problem is when a user does not highlight the SMS option.

Be sure this icon is Green in order to receive Text Messages (sometimes called SMS)

Important Things to Know:

  • Regardless of how you choose to receive notifications, all messages associated with your account will be retained in the InfoCenter inbox for 30 days.
  • You can opt into receiving Device Notifications (Push) under Notification Preferences. When choosing to receive Device Notifications, a badge or alert will appear when you receive new communications from your organization.
  • If you need to reconfirm that you want to receive text messages, text the letter Y to 67587
  • We do NOT call phones, except in extreme emergencies. Cancellations and alerts are delivered via email, texts and are posted on our Twitter feed @SPSDME

SchoolMessenger, makes the security and privacy of your data a top priority. As one of over 100 approved signatories to Student Privacy Pledge, you can feel ensured that your student’s information is safe and will never be sold, rented or shared.

The Student Privacy Pledge was developed in concert with the Future of Privacy Forum (FPF) and the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA), and it spells out 12 commitments related to the protection and responsible use of student data. Signatories to this pledge can be held legally responsible for actions or practices which do not conform to it.

Among key elements of the pledge are promises to:

  • Not sell student information
  • Not behaviorally target advertising (targeting advertising based on browsing behavior)
  • Use data for authorized education purposes only
  • Not change privacy policies without notice and choice
  • Enforce strict limits on data retention
  • Support parental access to, and correction of errors in, their children’s information
  • Provide comprehensive security standards
  • Be transparent about collection and use of dataSchoolMessenger was already 100% in compliance with all applicable state and federal laws on student data privacy, but chose to sign the Pledge to set an example for other education technology companies that facilitate school communications.

For more information on Student Privacy Pledge please visit:

For more information about Android app permissions please visit Google’s official website:

For more information on SchoolMessenger please visit:

Updated 02/03/2022