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Bus Routes

Bus Route Information 2022-2023 Start of Year

Our Transportation Department is working diligently to complete our final plans for bus runs for the coming year. We are currently in the process of adding our most recently enrolled students into our transportation software and making some final adjustments in our routes. By 5:00pm on Thursday (8/25), the bus schedules for nearly all of our students will be complete. (Because of some students' unique transportation needs, we may need some additional time to finalize bus information for them.) To access bus information, please consult the following guide:

Ride360 Guide

The SPSD Transportation Department uses a solution called Ride360 to provide information about bus routes to families via a computer or a smartphone app.

Please click the appropriate link for instructions on how to create your Ride360 account.

To set up your Ride360 account, you will need your student’s nine-digit student code. If you or your student does not know that code, you can locate it through one of the following:

  • You can find it in Infinite Campus or on students’ report cards for returning students.
  • You can call email Central Office Receptionist Chantelle Erskine ( or call 207-871-0555.
  • You can call the office of your child’s school.
  • Many students know this number as they use it for various school issued accounts.

Finally, for Kindergarten families, we will be reaching out to you via email or a phone call in the next week to confirm your bus information. If you have any questions or need assistance, please call 207-871-0555.