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Bus Routes

This year’s bus routes remain generally the same as last year. Your child will be able to find the bus in the same spot as last year however we expect far fewer riders, and the times of the runs have changed slightly. We encourage families to walk, bike or transport their own children whenever possible this year.

To learn about updated pickup and drop off times, please find your old bus run below.

Answers to frequently asked questions about riding the bus can be found here.

If you still have a specific questions about your child’s route please call the transportation office at 207-767-7714 between 6:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. We also have expanded phone coverage for the start of the school year at 207-619-1184.

Brown Elementary School

Dyer Elementary School

Kaler Elementary School

Skillin Elementary School - Cohort A --  Cohort B

Small Elementary School

Mahoney Middle School

Memorial Middle School - Cohort A --  Cohort B --  Special Ed & Late Bus Run

South Portland High School - Cohort A  --  Cohort B -- PATHs  -- One Campus Program  --  Special Ed & Late Bus Run