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Open Enrollment

I know what you’re thinking – What is open enrollment? and Do I need to do anything for this?

Open enrollment is a provision in SPSD’s cafeteria plan that allows for a short window of time where employees can make changes to their medical insurance, dental insurance, and enroll, re-enroll or stop participation in a flexible spending account without a qualifying event such as birth, divorce, marriage or job change. This is your chance to make changes to several of your benefits, no life changes necessary!

To access the forms, please click here For help with filling out the forms, please click here

Please take a look at the bubble chart PDF entitled “Do I Need to Do Anything for This” It will ask you a few questions and help you to understand if you have some work to do, or can go about your business as normal.

If you find there is some work for you to do during open enrollment, you have three choices on the method to complete your tasks:

Fully on-line. Print, fill out, and return the necessary form(s) through interoffice mail using the resources provided on this site.
Live. Attend a group meeting. A schedule is available on this site.
Half and half. See your school clerk for copies of the proper forms. Fill out the form(s) using the guides on this site. Return the completed forms through interoffice mail or at a group meeting.

Please note there will be no individual meetings available to discuss open enrollment changes. This includes reviewing forms for accuracy. If you do not feel confident filling out your form(s) using the resources provided on this website, please plan to attend a group meeting to hand-in your forms. Otherwise, forms may be dropped off or sent through interoffice mail to Central Office, Attn: Mary Dinsmore

PLEASE pay close attention to form deadlines and instructions for filling them out completely and properly. Our vendors are cracking down on late and incomplete submissions - several have set tight deadlines for change submissions - forms that are submitted late or incomplete may not be accepted. PLEASE DO NOT wait until the last minute if you need to make changes. If you submit a medical form with no PCP listed or an unsigned dental form on May 30, the changes you want to make will likely not happen.

Something to Keep in Mind
As an SPSD employee, you are potentially eligible to take your MEA Anthem Health Insurance coverage with you into retirement. Some employees are also eligible for a discount on premiums during retirement. To qualify, you must meet certain criteria, including membership in the plan for a certain number of years while employed by SPSD. More information can be found here.