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Application Guidelines for food service, custodial, maintenance or transportation positions


The South Portland School Department does not discriminate in the operation of its educational and employment policies and will honor all appropriate laws relative to discrimination.

Please note: As of May 1st, 2013 we only accept applications via School Spring ( for the following positions:

Administrators; Teachers; Substitutes (longterm and temporary); Educational Technicians (all levels); Service Providers; Coaches; and Clerks.

Previous applicants for the positions listed above must resubmit all materials requested by School Spring when pursuing a new position.

Applicants for a food service, custodial, maintenance or transportation position with the South Portland School Department please apply following the guidelines below:

  • An official South Portland School Department Application form is required when applying for food service, adult education enrichment, custodial, maintenance or transportation positions.
  • Applications are only accepted for positions currently open and being advertised by South Portland. Open ended applications will be labeled inactive and filed for two years. It is the responsibility of the applicant to re-activate their application.
  • Application forms must be complete for consideration. A complete packet includes but is not limited to:
    1. A completed application form (available here)
    2. Letter of Application
    3. Resume
    4. Copy of Maine certification(s), including fingerprinting (CHRC) approval – see employment section of our website for the Maine State Police and Maine Department of Education links.
  • Application packets (or any application documents) can not be submitted electronically or by fax.
  • File folders and plastic/paper wallets of any kind are not kept on file once applications are submitted. Applications are stripped down into paper form for filing purposes and review.
  • You may be asked to provide original copies of some documents, for our retention upon being selected for an interview.
  • Applications are not reviewed until the deadline for Applications has passed. Please do not request information as to the status of your application until after a reasonable time has passed.
  • All requests for application information must be addressed to the Receptionist at the Superintendent’s office: Chantelle Erskine 207-871-0555
  • Any questions regarding CHRC fingerprinting status should be addressed to the Maine Department of Education, Division of Certification and Placement, Augusta, Maine 04333
  • All Application materials become the property of the South Portland School Department. None will be returned.
  • Providing any false or misleading information in the application or screening process shall be fully sufficient grounds to refuse to employ the applicant, or if the applicant has been employed, to immediately dismiss the employee

If you have previously applied for a food service, custodial, maintenance ot transportation position with the South Portland School Department:

  • We keep application packets for two years only.
  • You must submit a cover letter stating your intent to apply for the new position AND stating that you already have an application packet on file.
  • Application packets can only be active for one position at a time.
  • Bear in mind that some of your information may have changed. Make sure that your contact details and references are current.
  • If you submit a complete application when you already have an application on file, the older application will be destroyed and the two years will recommence.

When applying for multiple positions:

  • Separate, complete application packets must be submitted for each position.
  • If you are applying for positions that require different application forms then all application forms must be submitted

The timetable of applications may take anywhere up to or beyond six weeks and is as follows:

  1. Deadline for applications
  2. Applications reviewed by relevant department
  3. Applications may be reviewed a second time by a connected department
  4. Interviews are scheduled
  5. Interviews take place
  6. Interview panel reviews interviewed candidates
  7. A decision is made
  8. References are screened
  9. An offer of employment is made
  10. Once an offer of employment is accepted the interviewed candidates are informed of the decision following which the unsuccessful applicants are informed by mail