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InfoTech - Libraries & Technology


The InfoTech team is comprised of librarians, technologists and support staff representing all schools and grade levels. South Portland has a strong history of libraries and technology working hand in hand to deliver digital and traditional literacy skills to our students. Subscribing to the Learning Commons model, and recognizing that the work of the two departments is inextricably intertwined, we founded the InfoTech team in 2005 to ensure equitable access to resources and opportunities for teachers and students.

The InfoTech team is led by the district Library Coordinator and the Director of Technology. With input from stakeholders, the InfoTech team develops a budget, selects resources, provides professional development, teaches Digital Citizenship & 21st Century Skills, and champions initiatives & innovation.

Each Learning Commons provides access to thousands of print and digital books, physical and online media, and curated guides and resources. Many have begun adding Makerspaces. Please visit our Digital Learning Commons for curated resources on topics such as digital literacyanti-racism, depression and anxiety, linguistic and cultural diversity, and LGBTQIA+.

We believe in equity of access and opportunities and feel that by providing a device to each student can help bridge the digital divide. To that end all students in grades 7-12 are provided with a personal device for learning anything, anywhere, and anytime. Students in grades 4-6 are provided with a personal device for in school use, and our youngest learners have access to dozens of iPads and Chromebooks. Nearly all instructional spaces are equipped with interactive white boards or large screen televisions. The purposeful use of technology in our schools enhances opportunities to develop and hone important 21st century skills and competencies. We invite you to review our Technology Plan.

The InfoTech team is committed to ensuring the safety and privacy of our students and their data. Please visit our Privacy Page for more information.

K-12 Library Coordinator

Director of Technology

Andrew Wallace

Director of Technology

Members of the InfoTech Team

Kevin Alvarez

IT Support Specialist

Erin Davies

Technology Integrator

Chris Gebhart

Data Specialist

Doug Hoyt

Samuel Macomber

Asset Manager

Ben Pinault

IT Support Specialist

Andrew Wallace

Director of Technology