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Staff Health Resources

In the interest of student health safety and staff preparedness in targeted student health related situations, a focused body of health information addressing the most common, and at times life threatening conditions staff are likely to encounter during the school day has been developed. These include: Asthma, Bee Sting Allergies, Concussions, Diabetes, Life Threatening Food Allergies, Seizures, and Blood Borne Pathogens. The information is intended to promote consistency and effectiveness among all staff in recognizing and ensuring intervention in these key student health related areas. 

For teachers and support staff who have students with specific diagnoses in their classrooms, each informational document has link(s) to additional information which should also be reviewed. Both the Bee Sting Allergy document and the Life Threatening Allergy document have a link to a video demonstration of epipen administration. This needs to be reviewed prior to doing a return demonstration with the school nurse.

In all cases, the school nurse or building administrator is available to answer questions and conduct additional training as needed to ensure full understanding of each topic area.

If you have any qurestions please contact the school nurse.

Health Resources by Topic