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Annual Staff Trainings

Each year all staff are required to acknowledge understanding of selected policies and procedures. Training materials and related resources are provided below.

Staff are asked to review all materials at their convenience within two weeks following the start of school year, or two weeks following the date of employment (if hired after the beginning of the school year).

Starting in the 2020-2021 School Year, training will be accessed via the FirstNet system. You should receive an email with instructions on logging in. If you need support please email Carolyn Sivik at

Health Trainings

In the interest of student health safety and staff preparedness in targeted student health related situations, a focused body of health information addressing the most common, and at times life threatening conditions staff are likely to encounter during the school day has been developed. These include: Asthma, Bee Sting Allergies, Concussions, Diabetes, Life Threatening Food Allergies, Seizures, and Blood Borne Pathogens. The information is intended to promote consistency and effectiveness among all staff in recognizing and ensuring intervention in these key student health related areas. It is also intended to reduce time needed for group and 1:1 training at the beginning of the school year when all staff are very busy.

For teachers and support staff who have students with specific diagnoses in their classrooms, each informational document has link(s) to additional information which should also be reviewed. Both the Bee Sting Allergy document and the Life Threatening Allergy document have a link to a video demonstration of epipen administration. This needs to be reviewed prior to doing a return demonstration with the school nurse.

In all cases, the school nurse or building administrator is available to answer questions and conduct additional training as needed to ensure full understanding of each topic area.

Suicide Awareness and Prevention

Upon hire all staff are required to attend the Fall training session. Employees hired after the start of the school year must watch the recorded session below. Existing staff must watch/attend a session every three years and acknowledge understanding of the content using the form below.

Policy Review

It is the responsibility of staff to abide by all Board of Education policies and procedures. The Policy Book is available here. Staff must review and acknowledge understanding of the selected policies listed below each year.

Upon completion of the review of these materials, an electronic verification is required of each staff member via FirstNet

Feedback from staff about this process, and the content of the materials, is welcomed by the building administrator or school nurse.

updated 08/26/20

Training Modules - INFORMATIONAL ONLY - All Training to be done on FirstNet