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Health Services

Welcome to the South Portland School Nursing and Health Services web site. The nursing team's goal is to support student learning through student advocacy and partnership with families and other supportive adults. Healthy students who attend school regularly are more likely to be engaged and successful now and into the future.

The South Portland School Department has a team of seven experienced registered nurses providing for the health needs of over 3,000 students. Health needs in public schools reflect the ever increasing health needs of the general population. School health clinics do not remotely resemble the needs of students even as recently as 5 years ago.

Nurses review the immunization health records for over 275 incoming kindergarten students, coordinate with the Centers for Disease Control when we experience unexpected health outbreaks, conduct over 2,000 hearing and vision screenings, organize and implement flu clinics in which nearly 600 students and staff participate. In addition to managing care for students with asthma, epi-pens, post-concussive syndrome, diabetes and seizure disorders, they teach puberty to the district's fifth graders, and provide professional development for staff and families on topics such as the importance of hand washing in preventing the spread of disease, cough etiquette, and managing allergy symptoms.

Our health clinics are a hub for people seeking advice on diverse health needs. We are always happy to hear from students and families about how we can help to address health related concerns. We also hope the information we have provided here will be useful to the families in our school communities.


Some commonly used Health Forms you can print and use as needed are available here. Please contact your school nurse if you have any questions.


The District, as guided by the Department of Education, the Maine Center for Disease Control, and School Board policy, has a system for ensuring that all students attending Pre-K through grade 12 have received the required immunizations as identified in the provisions of the School Immunization Law (20-A M.R.S. §§ 6352-6359).

District nurses act as coordinators of immunization management by reviewing student immunization records at the time of registration, communicating with families as needed when immunization records are incomplete, and following up on incomplete records until the requirements of the law have been met.

Our most up to date forms and information sheets about Immunizations are available as PDFs and Word documents here.


Several of our health-related policies as well as guidelines utilized to keep your child safe at school are available here. Please contact your school nurse if you have questions or concerns related to these topics.



The following links are intended to help educate you about health topics. The links are not intended to take the place of counsel by a physician or other health care provider and are not an endorsement of site.

Kids Health: a trusted source for physician-reviewed information and advice on children's health and parenting issues.

Medline Plus: health information from the National Library of Medicine.

Centers for Disease Control: the leading US public health institute.

Maine Centers for Disease Control

Concussion Information

Mayo Clinic: clinical experts provide current medical information and news on health topics.

Northern New England Poison Center: A source for fast information and expert advice on medication or chemicals.

Food Allergy Research & Education

American Academy of Pediatrics

Head Lice Treatment Option from Dr. Dale Pearlman

Let's Go! 5-2-1-0: helping kids and families eat healthy and be active.

Attendance Works: advancing student success by reducing chronic absence.

CountMEin: Maine based group working to increase student attendance, engagement and achievement

District Health Services Staff

Vanessa Bradbury

Skillin Elementary
School: 2077737375

Jennifer Dimauro

South Portland High, Kaler Elementary

Jennifer Hayward

Brown Elementary, Mahoney Middle

Susan Heeschen

Dyer Elementary

Jocelyn Kelly

Memorial Middle

Chad Morin

School Nurse
Small Elementary

Eileen Spencer

South Portland High