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Food Allergies

If a child has a food disability, as determined by a doctor or an IEP, and the disability prevents the child from eating a regular school meal, the school will make substitutions as prescribed by the doctor or an IEP plan. If a substitution is needed there will be no extra charge.

Whenever possible the South Portland School Nutrition Program will attempt to make modification for religious reasons or student preference. These changes need to be requested at the start of the school day. Foods that contain pork are highlighted on the menu. The South Portland School Nutrition program does not use any type of nuts in food preparation or use foods from a facility that my process nuts. Each school has their own policy for foods brought from home. Please check with your student’s school for more information.

Menus are subject to change without notice. Occasionally foods that are ordered do not arrive on time, or the wrong item is delivered, so substitutions may be unavoidable. Please check with the kitchen in your child’s school if you have a question about a menu item.