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Hazardous Materials


Hazardous chemicals used in education are stored in locked areas and inventoried by teachers bi-annually. All hazardous classroom materials that must be disposed due to expiration, safety concerns or non-use, are collected once a year (or more if necessary) and stored in a hazardous waste collection area. The inventory and placement for storage of chemical disposal items is facilitated by Chemical Hygiene Coordinator Tony Lombardo. The Faciltities Department contracts with a hazardous disposal company to remove the chemicals as needed.

The district chemical hygiene coordinators compile a district chemical inventory for 7-12th grade Science, Art, Photography and Industrial technology classes and provide it to Facilities Director and Superintendent for submission to the Maine Department of Education.

All non-chemical hazardous materials, including electronics and e-waste are collected and processed through the Facilities Department throughout the year. Hazardous building materials such as asbestos are maintained by a professional outside vendor in accordance with the state safety requirements.

Any oil spills, asbestos events, or other hazardous waste related events should be reported immediately to the Facilities Department, custodial foreman and building administrator immediately.

For more information please contact:

Chemical Hygiene Coordinator

Tony Lombardo 207-871-0556