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English Language Learners

The South Portland School Department is fortunate to have almost 300 students from as many as 30 different countries participating in our K-12 programming for English Language Learners. The program provides learning opportunities specifically designed for our ELL students according to their level of English proficiency. This instruction is provided by state-certified ESL endorsed teachers at each of our 8 schools consistent with the District’s mission, “Enriching Lives Through Quality Learning For All.”

We ensure that our English Language Learners meet or exceed rigorous content standards while developing skills in social and academic language, speaking, listening, reading, writing and math. While they are progressing toward attaining proficiency in English, the social, emotional and cultural needs unique to ELLs are also a priority.

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Chelsea Garland

Chelsea Garland

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District ELL Staff Members

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Sheanna Zimmerman

ESOL Teacher & Coordinator
South Portland High