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District Snapshot

The City of South Portland is a coastal community in southern Maine encompassing an area of 12.93 square miles. The city is home to approximately 23,300 residents, a community college, a beach area, several parks, one of the state’s largest marinas, a municipal boat ramp, a maritime and historical museum, numerous high tech, retail and small businesses, and is the second busiest oil port on the entire east coast.

The South Portland School Department consists of eight public schools, situated in the many neighborhoods of our city. Schools are within walking distance for our many of our students, with extensive transportation services provided for others.

The South Portland Schools are comprised of five neighborhood elementary schools, two middle schools and a recently renovated, state of the art high school.


The total enrollment of South Portland Schools typically falls between 3000 and 3100 students.

Enrollment by school as of April 1, 2017 was 3033 students.

South Portland High 890

Mahoney Middle 310

Memorial Middle 406

Brown Elementary 274

Dyer Elementary 238

Kaler Elementary 226

Skillin Elementary 384

Small Elementary 305

Student-Teacher Ratio

The following information compiled from Maine Department of Education EPS data 2016-2017

High School


Middle Schools


Elementary Schools


Opportunities for Student Engagement

South Portland offers clubs, activities and sports at all levels.

High School

56 clubs & activities

Middle Schools

15 clubs & activities

Elementary Schools

15 clubs & activities

High School

43 teams

Middle Schools

34 teams

Opportunities for Academic & Vocational Distinction

College Level Dual Enrollment Courses

17 Advanced Placement Courses available to any student

Dual Enrollment at Portland Arts and Technology High School

Class of 2016

93.6% Graduation Rate

72% of Graduates intend to enroll in Post Secondary Education Programs

4 Year (47.8%) 2 Year (23.4%) 1 Year (2%) Military (3.3%) Work(22%) Other(2%)

Class of 2017

Two National Merit Finalists

One National Merit Scholarship Winner

Two Presidential Scholarship Finalists

Presidential Scholar for the State of Maine