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2018-2019 School Year Meetings



MONDAY, JULY 8, 2019

7:00 p.m.






Call to Order

Roll Call


 House  Johnson  Kirk  Matthews  Perkins  Wiesendanger  Tipton


Pledge of Allegiance


Opening Statement


Report of the Secretary


1.     Approval of the minutes from the Regular Meeting held on Monday, June 10, 2019.


Report of the Chair


1.       Announcement of the Board of Education Retreat, Monday, August 19, 2019 from 5:00 – 8:00 p.m. in the SPHS                           Learning Commons.

2.       Announcement of the next Board of Education Regular Meeting: Monday, August 26, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. in the SPHS Lecture Hall.


Report of the Superintendent


1.     Announcements/Recognitions – Mr. Kunin


2.     Resignations and Retirements – Mr. Kunin                           


        Resignations:                Aaron Toman, STEM, Memorial

                                                Gretchen McCloy, (.6FTE) Guidance Counselor, Memorial

                                                Katie Gillihan, Nurse, Skillin

                                                Kristin Goodall, Music, Skillin

                                                Myra Caron, Grade 5, Skillin           


3.     First Year Reflections – Ms. LaForge


4.     Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Update – Ms. Welter


5.     Federal Grants Presentation – Ms. Germani


6.     Report on New Business – Mr. Kunin


Audience of Citizens - Topics on the Agenda

Citizens in the audience will be privileged to speak to a topic on the agenda. Such privilege is to be limited to one presentation per citizen of not more than five minutes.


Report of Committees


1.     Report of the Finance Committee – Ms. House/Mr. Perkins

2.     Report of the Buildings & Grounds Committee – Mr. Matthews/Ms. Kirk

3.     Report of the Policy Committee – Ms. Tipton                                                      

4.     Report of the Middle School Building Committee - Mr. Matthews




New Business


1.     Consideration and action to approve the following personnel items:


        a.     Issuance of First continuing Contracts:


                Laurie Milton, Art, Mahoney


      b.     Elections:


              Helen Gillis, Kindergarten, Dyer

              Chantal Joubi, French, SPHS

              Myra Caron, Assistant Principal, Skillin         

              Madison Dudley, Grade 2 (.5FTE) Intervention (.2FTE), Kaler

              Kristen Donaldson, Grade 5, Small

              Melinda Nudd, Grade 4, Small

              Paige Carter, Instructional Support Composite Room 6-8, Memorial

              Dianne Reardon, Grade 6 Resource Room, Memorial

              Matthew Toothaker, PE/Health, SPHS

              Paul Foley, Grade 7 Resource Room, Memorial

              Jill Darling, Science (.5FTE), Memorial

              Jasmine Bird, STEM, Memorial

             Doug Schaefer, 6-8 Resource Room, Mahoney 


2.      Consideration and action to recommend to the City Council a November 2019 referendum authorizing the bonding for the South Portland Middle School project.


3.     Consideration and action to approve the purchase of one (1) Type “C” school bus with Wheelchair Lift as specified in bid #02-20 at a cost of $99,700 from O’Connor.



4.     Consideration and action to approve the purchase of two (2) Type “C” school buses as specified in bid #03-20 at a cost of $94,900 each from O’Connor.



5.     Consideration and action to authorize the Superintendent to sign a contract for the construction of a quiet room at Memorial Middle School at a cost not to exceed $15,000.


6.      Consideration and action to approve the revised 2019-2020 school year calendar.


7.     Consideration and action to accept the donations/grants:

·         $5000. Donation from the Brick and Beam society to Jodelle Austin, PreK teacher at Skillin     Elementary School.   



*Audience of Citizens - Open Discussion

*Citizens in the audience will be privileged to speak on any educational topic. Such privilege is to be limited to one presentation per citizen of not more than five minutes.






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