Community Letter from Superintendent Kunin

August 28, 2015

Dear South Portland Schools Parents, Students, and Community:

Welcome to the 2015-16 school year! The first day of school is almost upon us. On Tuesday,
September 8, we begin welcoming over 3,000 students to our eight schools for the adventure of
another school year. Grade one through nine starts on September 8, while
kindergarten and grades ten through twelve begin on September 9. Teachers, Ed
Techs, Clerks, Office Managers, Custodians, Bus Drivers, Maintenance, Mechanics, Food Service
Workers and Administrators — we have all been working hard to ensure we are ready.

As you may know, I started in South Portland on August I. After four years at the American
Overseas School of Rome, I am thrilled to be back in Maine, where I had served as an
elementary and high school principal in Portland. As I begin as your superintendent, I am
reading and researching — websites, reports, action plans, newspaper articles, budgets and more
— to learn about our schools. I am meeting with and listening to scores of staff, students,
parents and community and will see all schools in action to better understand the opportunities
and challenges we face. After collecting and analyzing mountains of information, I will strive to
communicate themes and trends to all with a stake in our schools to help us to move forward in
meeting our mission: enriching lives through quality learning for all.

We are on a journey to ensure that all students educated in our schools have the knowledge
and skills that will prepare them for a future we can only imagine. South Portland Schools
should be incredibly proud of the generations of students we have educated to serve our
community today and of the work we are doing on Proficiency Based Learning to serve our
community far into the future. We start from the simple idea that if we make the target clear
enough, with a concrete picture of what success looks like, we can help all students to achieve
it. We look forward to giving you an ever more detailed picture of this work as the year

Of course, what we most look forward to is seeing our students strive, succeed, sometimes
stumble, but always learn. Whether in the classroom or the band room, on the field or in the
studio, we celebrate the efforts of our students, and all who help them, to build a better

All the best for 2015-16,

Ken Kunin
Superintendent of Schools

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