School Board Meeting - Regular

June 13, 2016 - 7:00pm

South Portland, Maine 04106-3442

REGULARMEETING Monday, June 13, 2016
7:00 p.m.

Call to Order

Roll Call
 Callaghan     Carter     Fitzgerald     Goldberg     House     Matthews     Reynolds     Papi     Stanton

Pledge of Allegiance

Opening Statement

Report of the Secretary

1. Approval of the minutes from the Regular Meeting and Special Meetings held on Monday, May 16, 2016. and the Special Meeting held on June 6, 2016.

Motion:    Second:     Vote:

Report of the Chair
1. Announcement of a Board Workshop on the results of the Superintendent’s Start Time Study Group on Monday, July 11, 2016 at 6:00 p.m. in the SPHS Learning Commons. The next Regular Meeting of the Board of Education: Monday, July 11, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. in the SPHS Lecture Hall.
2. School Board Retreat, July 14, 2016 at 5:30 – 8:30 p.m. in the SPHS Learning Commons.
3. Announcement of the Regular Meeting of the Board of Education: Monday, August 29, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. in the SPHS Lecture Hall.

Report of the Superintendent
1. Announcements/Recognitions – Mr. Kunin
2. Retirements and Resignations:
• Beverly Hosic, Music Teacher, SPHS
• Ben Donaldson, Assistant Principal, Mahoney Middle School
• Melissa Shaw, Kindergarten Teacher, Dyer Elementary School
• Vanessa Levesque, Kindergarten Teacher, Dyer Elementary School
3. Report on Enrollments – Mr. Kunin
4. Overview of the district's technology planning and programming related to student and
staff online safety, digital citizenship, and compliance with federal laws
(Children's Internet Protection Act - CIPA) Director of Technology – Andrew Wallace
5. Update on the Start Time Study Group – Mr. Kunin
6. Update on Athletic Sponsorships – Mr. Kunin
7. Report of the Director of Business Partnerships & Volunteer Coordinator – Jane Eberle/Molly Aldrich
8. Report on New Business items – Mr. Kunin

Audience of Citizens - Topics on the Agenda
Citizens in the audience will be privileged to speak to a topic on the agenda. Such privilege is to be limited to one presentation per citizen of not more than five minutes.

Report of Committees
1. Report of the Finance Committee – Ms. Goldberg/Ms. House
2. Report of the Buildings & Grounds Committee – Mr. Matthews/Mr. Carter
3. Report of the Policy Committee – Mr. Carter/Ms. Callaghan
Board of Education Policies:
JLCDA - Medical Marijuana (Second Read)
JLCDA-R – Medical Marijuana Parent Provider Request Permission (Second Read)
4. Report of the Middle School Facilities Task Force – Mr. Matthews/Ms. Callaghan Next meeting
of the committee scheduled for 6:30 p.m. Thursday, June 23 at MemorialMiddle School.


New Business

1. Consideration and action to the following personnel items:

a. Issuance of Second Probationary Contracts:
Jacqueline Elliott, Literacy Coach, Kaler
Julie Kavaliauskas, Physical Science, SPHS
Brynne Curran, Grade 5, Dyer
Lisa Arsenault, ELL, Skillin
Megan Blakemore, Library Information Integrator, Dyer/Kaler
Stefanie Bradstreet, Grade 2, Skillin
Casey Brough, Library Information Integrator, SPHS
Sarah Croft, Kindergarten, Kaler
Emma Dalton, Physical Science, SPHS
Brianna DeRice, Grade 6 Resource Room, Memorial
Elizabeth Gartley, Library Information Integrator, Mahoney
Heather Langevin, Grade 3, Kaler
Devon Robbie, ELL, SPHS
Alison Roberts, Grade 5, Skillin
Kelly Smith, Instructional Support, Skillin
Christine Stults, Guidance Counselor, Memorial
Jeremy Ritz, Grade 7 Science, Memorial
Cidney Mayes, Library Information Integrator, Memorial
Anthony Tourigny, School Psychologist, District

b. Issuance of Third Probationary Contracts:
Stacy Blanchard, Grade 4, Kaler
Ann Cook, Grade 5, Kaler
John Dinger, Grade 8, Memorial
Sarah Glatz, Technology Integrator, Memorial
Dana Gross, Science, SPHS
Chelsey Johnson, Grade 2, Small
Matthew Lunt, Grade 6, Memorial
Michael McCann, Grade 4, Brown
Kristin Ortiz, Grade 2, Small
Michael Peterson, Mathematics, SPHS
Sanda Weber, Art, Memorial

c. Issuance of First Continuing Contracts:
Aaron Broaddus, 7th Grade, Memorial
Margaret Burman, Art, Dyer/Kaler
Debbie Chapman, Grade 1, Kaler
Jadie Farwell, 6th Grade, Memorial
Elizabeth Follansbee, Literacy, Small
Sarah Glenn, Grade 8, Memorial
Kristin Goodall, Music, Skillin/Brown
Courtney Hawkes, Learning Lab., SPHS
Dawn Hodge, Instructional Support, Kaler
Jocelyn Kelly, Nurse, Skillin
Cybil Kipp, .5 Occupational Therapist, District
Rose Kennealy, Mathematics, SPHS
Molly O’Brion, Grade 1, Dyer
Lynn Perkins, Instruction Support, Kaler
Kimberley Perron, Occupational Therapy, Brown
Samantha Welch, Grade 5, Dyer

d. Elections:
• Melissa Spence, Guidance Counselor, Dyer Elementary School
• Stephanie Tagg, School Psychologist, District
• Beth Simpson-Robie, Speech/Language, District
• Erin McNeill, Kindergarten Teacher, Dyer Elementary School
• Emily Lewis, Kindergarten Teacher, Dyer Elementary School
• Maxine McGowan, ELL K-5 Teacher, Skillin Elementary School
• Rebecca Stern, Assistant Principal, Memorial Middle School
• Stephanie Barker, Grade 2, Small Elementary School
• Briana Coletta, Grade 5 (One Year Only), Small Elementary School

e. Appointments:

Fall Cheerleading, Head Shaw Leighton
Cross Country Boys, Head David Kahill
Cross Country, Girls, Head Karen Reardon
Field Hockey, Head Leslie Dyer
Field Hockey, JV Emma Daniel
Football, Head Stephen Stinson
Football, Assistant JV Michael Bailey
Football, Assistant JV Jason Cooke
Football, Assistant First Team Joe Hezlep
Football, Assistant First Team Thomas Owens
Golf, Head Tom Hyland
Soccer, Boys, Head Bryan Hoy
Soccer, Boys, JV Aweis Abdalla
Soccer, Boys, First Team Open
Soccer, Girls, Head Jeff Selser
Soccer, Girls, JV Eva Thornton
Soccer, Girls, First Team Open
Volleyball, Head Nicole McAllister
Volleyball, JV Sarah Marckoon
Basketball, Boys, Head Kevin Millington
Basketball, Boys JV David Cousins
Basketball, Boys, First Team David Brenner
Basketball, Girls, Head Lynne Hasson
Basketball, Girls, JV Open
Basketball, Girls, First Team Open
Winter Cheerleading, Head Shawn Leighton
Ice Hockey, Head Joe Robinson
Ice Hockey, Assistant Brandon Wohl
Ice Hockey, JV Open
Indoor Track, Boys, Head David Kahill
Indoor Track, Boys, Assistant Steve Stinson
Indoor Track, Girls, Head Karen Reardon
Indoor Track, Girls, Assistant Open
Swimming, Boys, Head Ryan Green
Swimming, Girls, Head Ryan Green
Swimming, Assistant Lesley Hurley

Cross Country, Head Open
Cross Country, Assistant Open
Soccer, Boys, 8th Open
Soccer, Boys, 7th Adam Perron
Soccer, Girls, 8th Open
Soccer, Girls, 7th Kim Perron
Activities Coordinator Sidney Stather
Basketball, Boys, 8th Michael Nee
Basketball, Boys, 7th John Maloney
Basketball, Girls, 8th Marjorie Graff
Basketball, Girls, 7th Jeanne Bogdanovich
Jazz Band Advisor Sandy Barry
Student Government Advisor Scott Patashnick
Drama Coach Joline Beardsley

Mahoney Building Leadership Team
John Heffernan
Cristin Rioux
Julie Lefebvre
Kristi Raymond
Erin Bernard

Cross Country, Head Matthew Green
Cross Country, Assistant Vincent Mathew
Soccer, Boys, 8th Open
Soccer, Boys, 7th Open
Soccer, Girls, 8th Greg Trefsger
Soccer, Girls, 7th Open
Activities Coordinator Open
Basketball, Boys, 8th Chris Hasson
Basketball, Boys, 7th Aaron Broaddus
Basketball, Girls, 8th Kevin Winship
Basketball, Girls, 7th Open

Middle School
Field Hockey, 8th Sarah Millington
Field Hockey, 7th Stacey Nixon
Tennis Resty Sapuan

Motion:       Second:      Vote:

2. Consideration and action to approve the Performance Evaluation and Professional Growth Plan.
Motion:       Second:      Vote:

3. Consideration and action to approve policy JLCDA – Medical Marijuana.
Motion:       Second:      Vote:

4. Consideration and action to approve policy JLCDA-R Medical Marijuana Parent Provider Request Permission.
Motion:       Second:      Vote:

5. Consideration and action to award bid #32-16 for the School Department’s website redesign, to
Finalsite of Glastonbury, Connecticut in the amount of $27,250.
Motion:       Second:      Vote:

6. Consideration and action to approve the following donations/grants.
 $500 donation to the “Connected Coast” professional development day held on January 30, 2016 at SPHS from JumpRope
 $250 donation to the High School Music Theater Program from the Maine Mall
 $700 donation for the Memorial Fitness Room from the Memorial PTO
Motion:       Second:      Vote:

*Audience of Citizens - Open Discussion
*Citizens in the audience will be privileged to speak on any educational topic. Such privilege is to be limited to one presentation per citizen of not more than five minutes.

7. Consideration and action to enter into Executive Session pursuant to 1 MRSA§405 (6) (A)
to discuss compensation of non-bargaining employees.
Motion:       Second:      Vote:

8. Consideration and action to come out of Executive Session.
Motion:       Second:      Vote:

Motion:       Second:      Vote:      Time:

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