JIH Student Storage Facility Policy



The South Portland Board of Education intends to maintain and promote a learning
environment in the school that is functional, safe and conducive to education. The
presence of items not connected to the school curriculum or extracurricular activities may
create a distraction from the fundamental educational mission of the school and may pose
a serious health and safety danger to the school community. In order to promote a
functional, safe, and effective educational atmosphere, the following student storage
policy is established.

The term “storage facility” includes, but is not limited to, lockers, club, team or society
offices, closets, bins, cloak rooms, team rooms and desks.

This policy is intended to govern only those “storage facilities” made available to, or in
fact used by, school students or students of other schools. This policy does not govern
the rights of school administrators, faculty, or staff who are legal employees or
independent contractors of the school, school district, municipality or State.

A. No Student Rights to/in Student Storage Facilities
The school is under no legal or moral obligation to provide “storage facilities” for
student use. Students have no inherent right to the use of or access to school
“storage facilities.”

B. Storage Facilities are School Property
All “storage facilities” made available to students by the school are, at all times,
the property of, in custody of, and under the control of the school and school
authorities. Students’ possession of “storage facilities” is nonexclusive against
the school and school authorities.

C. Temporary Use of Storage Facilities by Students
School authorities may, in their discretion, grant joint access or joint use of
“storage facilities” with a student for the temporary storage of only the following:

1. Textbooks, notebooks, supplies and equipment reasonably necessary for
use in that student’s current school-approved curriculum;
2. Seasonable clothing reasonably necessary for that student to commute to
and from school, and clothing and equipment reasonably necessary to
participate in current school-approved activities and sports;
3. Food reasonably necessary for the student’s consumption during that
school day;
4. United States currency in an amount reasonably necessary to purchase
food for the student’s consumption during the school day, or in an amount
reasonably necessary for immediate payment by that student for schoolapproved
purposes, but in no event is the amount of United States
currency to exceed one hundred ($100.00) dollars;
5. The student’s identification and keys.
6. Students shall not keep contraband of any kind, or highly personal items,
in any school “storage facility”.

D. School Authorities Have Unlimited Access To Storage Facilities
School authorities may, at any time and without prior notice, open, clean,
inventory, inspect, relocate, remove, alter, destroy, search, dispose of or
reassign any “storage facility” (whether locked or unlocked) and its

E. Implied Consent By Students To Unlimited Access To Storage Facilities
All students who use or accept the use of any “storage facility” shall
thereby imply their consent to the shared or joint custody and control of
that “storage facility” with school officials. A student who uses a school
“storage facility” agrees to the opening, cleaning, inventory, inspection,
relocation, removal, alteration, destruction, search, reassignment or
disposal of that “storage facility” and its contents by school officials
without prior notice.

All students who accept the use of, or use, any “storage facility” shall
thereby accept the limitations, restrictions, rules and regulations relating to
such “storage facilities.”

F. School-Issued Locks
If students are required to use school-issued locks, then: students may
NOT use any locking device other than that supplied by the school. The
use of any locking device other than that supplied by the school may result
in the forcible removal of such a device. A student who accepts use of a
student “storage facility” shall report the presence of any non-school
issued lock to the principal or assistant principal as soon as possible after
its discovery. The school shall not be liable for any damage to a nonschool
lock applied to a school “storage facility”. Students shall be liable
for all damage to a school “storage facility: which reasonably results from
the forcible removal of a non-school lock therefrom.

Student-Owned Locks
If student-owned locks are permitted, then: a student may, at the student’s own expense,
use a keyed or combination locking device on the school “storage facility” assigned to
that student if, without modification and by apparent design, the “storage facility” is
capable of being secured by such a device. The combination to any student-owned lock,
and/or a duplicate key to such lock shall be provided to the school authorities by the
student. Any student-owned lock, the duplicate combination or key to which does not
operate to open such lock, may be destroyed and removed by school authorities without
reimbursement by the school or liability to the school or school authorities.

Adopted: February 12, 1996

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