JGAB Assignment of Students to Classes- Transfer Students and Home Schooling Students


The principal of the school in which a transfer or formerly home-schooled student is enrolling will be responsible for assigning the incoming student to a class or grade.

The principal shall be responsible for determining the value of the student’s prior educational experience toward meeting the content standards for the Learning Results in conformance with the school unit’s Local Assessment System and applicable Board policies. In assessing the value of the student’s prior educational experience, the principal may consider performance on standardized tests, academic records, portfolios, projects, writing samples, performances, and other demonstrations of achievement consistent with the Local Assessment System. The school unit may require an incoming student to participate in tests or other assessments to aid in this determination. For incoming high school students, tests or assessments may be required to determine whether a student has met course prerequisites or credit requirements for graduation. In addition, such tests and assessments may be used to determine when instructional intervention may be appropriate.

The principal/designee should meet with the student’s parents and, as appropriate, with the guidance counselor, special services director, and/or other professional staff before making a class/grade assignment decision.

The principal’s decision shall be final.

Legal Reference: Ch. 127 §§ 5.03, 6.02, 7.02(A) (5) (ME. Dept. of Ed. Rules)
Adopted: June 9, 2003