JECC-R Out of District Waiver Request Process

South Portland School Department
130 Wescott Road
South Portland, Maine 04106

Out of District Waiver Request Process

Please be aware that granting waivers may be impossible in some schools and some grades, due to increased enrollments and the current construction schedules.

1. Principal of each building notifies parents of the Waiver Request Process; forms are available in the school office.

2. Form requires a short narrative describing reasons for request; form attached.

3. Forms are submitted to the school office. Each principal will provide a recommendation based on his/her knowledge of the student needs.

4. The Waiver Committee will consist of the Assistant Superintendent and the Elementary School Principals.

5. The Waiver Committee will consider each waiver individually.

6. The Committee will consider requests based on the following criteria:
-enrollment in requested school/grade
-educational program needs
-social/emotional needs
-child care needs
-unusual, compelling circumstances

7. Each child in a family will be considered separately since there may be space available in one class at the requested school while another class may be overcrowded.

8. Decisions will be made in late May. Written notification to each parent will be within 10 days.

9. The current class size policy will determine space availability.

10. When space remains available after the first week of school the above slots may be reconsidered for those students whose waiver request has been denied due to space availability. For each available slot, the original requests will be considered to determine new approvals.

11. Approval for out of district waivers is for one year only. Parents will provide transportation to and from school.

Revised: January 8, 2003

South Portland School Department
130 Wescott Road
South Portland, Maine 04106

Student Name: Grade Level in September 2005

Address: Home Phone:

Parent/Guardian Name: Work Phone(s)

Assigned School: Requested School:

Reason(s) for Request
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Principal’s Recommendations:

Parent/Guardian Signature Date

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