JECBA Admission of Exhange Students at SPHS


The South Portland Board of Education authorizes acceptance of exchange students at South Portland High School. Exchange students must be sponsored by an approved exchange program as listed by International Educational Travel and Exchange program of the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel. Each exchange program must be approved by the exchange coordinator. Other exchange programs not listed on the approved list must be recommended by the exchange coordinator and approved by the building administrator.

In order to provide the best experience for students and families, the host family must get permission from the high school administration prior to attempting to enroll an exchange student. This should be done prior to July 1 of the enrollment year. The maximum number of exchange students who may enroll for one academic year is six. To ensure the highest level of interaction, no more than two students who speak the same native language will be enrolled for the same enrollment year.

Exchange students are expected to carry academic course work agreed upon by the student, host family, exchange coordinator, and guidance counselor. The exchange students are expected to share their expertise in their native language and culture by enrolling in the highest level of that language offered in the high school (if available). Students who have completed an equivalent of an American high school diploma in their home country are not eligible to play on a varsity sports team.

Exchange students must be here on a student visa and are subject to all local, state, and federal laws. Additionally, they are subject to all school rules and policies.

Exchange students are required to provide evidence of up-to-date immunizations and a recent physical examination. Evidence of medical insurance must also be provided.

Host families will not request or accept room and board. Exchange students will provide their own spending money.

Adopted: May 12, 1975
Revised: May 8, 1995

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