JECB Admission of Non-resident Students


Students whose parents or legal guardians are not residents of South Portland may attend the South Portland Schools only under extraordinary circumstances and, except as hereinafter provided, only upon payment of established tuition fees. The assignment of any such students to South Portland schools shall be by the office of the Superintendent of Schools.

Tuition fees shall be established by State Statute and/or State Department of Education regulations. Within one week of enrollment of tuition students, principals shall report to the Office of the Superintendent of Schools, all necessary information for identification of such students and for issuance of tuition bills therefore including name, date of entrance, school, grade, name and address of parent or guardian and name, address, and relationship of pupil, with who the student is residing. Tuition bills shall be issued and payable in a reasonable period of time as established by the administrative assistant for finance.

Residence shall be as determined by State Statutes- being where the parent or legal guardian maintains a home for his family, or in the event of separation of parents, that place where the person having custody of the student maintains his or her home.

Tuition may be waved in exceptional cases. Examples are:

1. Hardship cases as determined by concurrence of the Superintendent of Schools.
2. Post-graduate students who are residents of the city.
3. Students who are members of the senior class and whose parents or guardians move from the city after the fall term begins.
4. Students, at any age level, whose parents or guardians are in temporary residence in another school unit (city, town, or district).
5. Transfer from another administrative unit as approved by the Superintendent of Schools.

Legal Reference: Title 20-A MRSA Section 5801 et. Seq.
Title 20-A MRSA Section 5203 et. Seq.
Adopted: June 17, 1968
Revised: June 9, 1975
Revised: October 13, 1980