Additions and Renovations to South Portland High School

What are the basic problems with the high school and why do we need to address them?

Original Building

  • The Original Building was opened in 1952 and currently houses classrooms, administration, clinic, shop spaces, and mechanical rooms on two levels. The environment both inside and out has changed very little over the years, and is considered the cornerstone of the High School complex and neighborhood.
  • The building systems, such as mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems, are obsolete, difficult to maintain, and not well-suited for today’s educational needs. The air quality is poor in the classrooms, especially when fully occupied, because of a lack of mechanical ventilation and few operable windows.
  • The existing classrooms lack outlets, and the circuits are at capacity.
  • The existing bathrooms do not meet functional criteria established by the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act); the plumbing lines are corroded and leak frequently.
  • The existing walls and windows offer little in terms of insulation, resulting in high energy use. In general, the existing building systems are well past their normal life span, and need to be replaced in full.

North Annex

  • The North Annex was originally constructed in 1960, and currently houses classrooms and science rooms on three levels. Like the Original Building, it has outdated building systems. The air quality is poor in the classrooms, especially when fully occupied, because of a lack of mechanical ventilation and few operable windows.
  • In addition, the North Annex is host to many level changes that create handicapped barriers and make day-to-day use very challenging for both students and staff.
  • The existing windows (curtain wall), allow cold air and water to infiltrate on a regular basis and are the cause of high energy use.

Beal Gym

  • The Beal Gym was constructed in 1956, and houses athletic support spaces, concessions, locker rooms, and mechanical spaces. The court space is on the upper level with locker rooms spaces below.
  • The bleachers are original and do not meet today’s safety and accessibility standards. The building systems, particularly the locker room plumbing, are outdated.
  • There are also numerous challenges with operating a gym facility on two levels, including day-to-day student supervision at the lower level and lack of handicap accessibility.
  • For more information on work being done to Beal Gym and on the new Gymnasium please see the Frequently Asked Questions Section of this website.

Auditorium and Music Spaces

  • These spaces were constructed in 1997, and are the newest portions of the complex. The spaces function well, but are in need of minor mechanical and life-safety improvements. Portions of the flooring are showing signs of deterioration due to moisture infiltration below the floor slabs.
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